Saturday, August 6, 2011

Karma Cat Black T-shirts / Albernn Ver3.0 Shirt / Tribal Tree Frog Tshirts / Pastelle Lady Tee / Blooming Tree T-shirts / Blue Unicorn Zebra Art T Shirts

These t-shirts won a Today's Best Award from Zazzle on July 26, 2011

Karma Cat Black T-shirts

Created By worz_shop

Albernn Ver3.0 Shirt

Albernn Ver3.0 Shirt shirt
Albernn Ver3.0 Shirt by lowvincentyh
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© This artwork is designed, drawn and owned by Vincent Low Y H aka lowvincentyh/TribbieTrip. All Rights Reserved. Created By lowvincentyh

Artists Profile:

About Me: Vincent Low Y H aka lowvincentyh and TribbieTrip is a self-taught vector based illustrator/designer. Started his cartoon character creations in year 2002 after making a profile picture or avatar using Adobe Fireworks. That little project sparks his interest in vector illustration.

Artistic Interests: Illustration, music remixing, 3D interior visualization

Tribal Tree Frog T-shirts

Tribal Tree Frog Design. A symmetrical tribal tree frog design with intricate swirls and dot patterns. Created By JeffBartels

Pastelle Lady Tee

Very Cool and Colourful Tee | Beautiful hand drawn design, Vibrant Colours make this an eye catching and interesting tee. Created By BADR0B0T

Blooming Tree T-shirts

Pretty tree with lots of colorful flowers and sweet details. Created By ShouShou

Blue Unicorn Zebra Art T Shirts

Cute Blue Zebra Unicorn | Whimsical and unique blue unicorn art featuring a blue haired unicorn with zebra stripes, big eyes and a horn. Original artwork by Brenda Boo Request your special unicorn today! Just email us at Created By Mythiskulls

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