Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Echidna Shirt / Work sucks tee shirts / 3d-Pirate-guitar T Shirts / Don't Shop, Adopt Tee Shirts / Dolphins tee shirts / Squid Cutie T-shirt

My personal favorite T-Shirts from Today's Best Award on Zazzle August 25, 2011

Echidna Shirt

Australia's loveable monotreme. | The short beaked spiny anteater. Also known as the echidna. He's so cute, but best not to cuddle him too tight. Created By davemurphy

Work sucks tee shirts

Created By hungshoe

3d-Pirate-guitar T Shirts

3d-Pirate-guitar shirt
3d-Pirate-guitar by arrjimlad
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3d Pirate loves playing his guitar and making sweet pirate music. Created By arrjimlad

Don't Shop, Adopt Tee Shirts

Don't Shop, Adopt shirt
Don't Shop, Adopt by doghause
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Grunge italic letters are used on these shelter-friendly products. Designs say, "Don't Shop, Adopt" and feature a dog and a cat image. Created By doghause

Dolphins tee shirts

Created By hera56

Squid Cutie T-shirt

Does your heart belong to the ocean? Love anything cute and cuddly? Squid Cutie is the perfect (and adorable) solution by Middlemind Designs! Created By Middlemind

If you would like to purchase any of these award winning items, just click on the image you like and you'll be taken to Zazzle. Most of these designs are also available on other products.

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