Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Black and White Gothic Cross Design Custom Shirt / Hamsa Eye, Hand of Fatima Tee Shirts / Hand Clown Fish infant creeper / Green Fluorescence TNL Tee Shirt / Blue Flying Robot Head Shirts

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These t-shirts won a Today's Best Award from Zazzle on August 1, 2011

Black and White Gothic Cross Design. Custom Shirt
A stylish abstract design with a Gothic style. A black and white elegant design, with a gothic style. Could be a great item for someone looking for something a bit different with a stylish, chic and elegant look. Can be customized to create a nice item for parties and events. Could go with a modern or traditional style. Has a stylish tribal gothic look. Created By Graphics_By_Metarla  

Hamsa Eye, Hand of Fatima Tee Shirts
The eye in hand is considered a powerful talisman against the ‘evil eye,’ and is usually worn around the neck or hung on walls or over the doors of homes and businesses. Created By sharpieartist

Artist Profile:

About Me: Meilena Hauslendale - I am a traveling artist. I love doing art and have been doing it professionally since 1998. I am very passionate about the art I create. My paintings are very much a part of me and a part of my life. I like combining what I learn in life with color and deep symbolism. I share my own life lessons through art so that I may share them with others. What I see, people I meet, places I go, everything along this journey is documented with my art. Want to see more of my art visit us here:
Artistic Interests: I love whimsical art combined with symbolism. I like taking the old symbols and making something new from them to give them a modern day power and presence in the world. Just seeing or wearing a symbol of something that means something to us every day helps us focus on that aspect of our lives. A lot of what I create was for me. Wherever I lived, I created art that reflected my life and hung it up on my wall. Some people hang trophies up, I create and hang up art.
Personal Interests: I write and publish personal development articles and books. What's that mean? I write about things that help everyone make improvements in their daily lives. You can read more about it here:  

Hand Clown Fish infant creeper
Creatures and animals made from a hand. This clown fish has a great personality. To learn more visit the hand critters website. Created By handcritters

Artist Profile:

About Me: Dyango Chavez - This is the hand of a man who started thinking about hands one day, when he was waiting to become a father, and he started dreaming: dreaming of a little hand grasping his, of his hands hugging a new little person. . .and then, when Little A arrived, hands became even more important: hands to pat a sleepy head to sleep, hands to rock, hands to hold and support during first steps. . .hands hands hands. . .where would we be without these handy tools? So, he thought, what else can come from my hands? And he closed the door (because by now Little A had learned how to talk and walk and sometimes even interrupt her father's work), and sat down to draw (yes, that is something else that one can do with hands). And out of his hands came the drawing of a hand and right then and there was born the first Hand Critter: Love, the firstborn, the one that started it all (because Love is also a big part of parenthood). And after that first difficult birth out came tumbling more. . .Lions, and Ninjas, and Whales, oh my. . .a whole menagerie of animals, characters and fairy tale figures.
Artistic Interests: Graphic design, photography, movies, illustrations, etc  

Green Fluorescence TNL Tee Shirt
Dark apparel featuring a green version of my "Fluorescence" mushrooms. No "digitalblasphemy" text. Created By digitalblasphemy 

Artist Profile:

About Me: Ryan Bliss - I am a self-taught 3D artist. I started creating 3D images in 1995 as a fun diversion and started "Digital Blasphemy" as a web gallery in 1997. I've been working full-time on my artwork and website since 1999. I married my wife, Jessica, in 2002. We have two boys, Ian and Jason.
Artistic Interests: 3d landscapes, space scenes, microscapes and abstracts.
Personal Interests: I enjoy collecting (and watching) movies, reading Fantasy and SF, playing the occasional computer/video game and playing with my kids.

Blue Flying Robot Head Shirts

Created By StudioYeaney

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