Sunday, November 10, 2013

Zazzle T-Shirt from Emunah Designs: Maccabee

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A depiction of a Maccabee's shield and two spears. The shield is adorned by a lion and text reading "Yisrael" (Israel) in the Paleo-Hebrew alphabet. "Maccabee" also appears in English. The Maccabees were Jewish rebels who freed Judea from the yoke of the Seleucid Empire. Chanukkah is not just a mid-winter festival featuring candles and fried delicacies. it celebrates a military victory, and securing religious freedom, over the Seleucid Empire. Additionally, the revlt was a civil war involving those Jews who were loyal to G-d and those who had adopted the Hellenism of the Seleucids.


by emunahdesigns
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