Thursday, June 7, 2012

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4th Of July T-Shirts brought to you by Designs by Nyxxie

Proud American T-shirt

Red, white and blue fireworks on a dark blue background. Representing America's birthday and freedom of our nation. Perfect for celebration of our patriotic holidays including the 4th of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day and others.

Happy Birthday, America T-shirt

Delicious cupcakes with lit candles and star sprinkles, with the writing "Happy Birthday, America!" These sentiments are great to show patriotism for the Fourth of July!


4th Of July T-Shirts brought to you by Soraya Shan Collection

Feel your heartbeat! - shirt

Feel your heartbeat!

Happy 4th of July Heart - Apparel T-shirt

Independence Day Illustration with a heart.


4th Of July T-Shirt brought to you by TEEpossible

TEE Hooray USA

Cheer on the United States with this Uncle Sam graphic and Hooray USA slogan. T-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, stickers, and other items for the patriot. Also comes in I Salute You tagline version.


4th Of July T-Shirts brought to you by Doodlefly Design's Antique Art Shop 

American Flag Vintage Advertising T-shirts

This Vintage cigar label is a beautiful image of a woman proudly holding the American flag. A Victorian beauty, it is a wonderful gift for collectors of antique advertising and vintage cigar collectibles. Look through our store for more beautiful Victorian illustrated products.

Children in a Parade T-shirts

Let's Have a Parade! The perfect parade day gift for the patriotic at heart, and a perfect gift for Independence Day, Flag Day, Memorial Day, and other patriotic days when parades and flag waving are appropriate. The four little children in this beautiful vintage illustration by Ruth Mary Hallock are in a parade! The little girl in the front of the parade is waving the flag. She leads the procession proudly. The boy next in line in the parade is wearing a big white hat, and he's singing as loudly as he can while drumming his drums. The little boy in the red hat is playing the flute, and the young child in the back of the parade is waving the American flag.

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