Thursday, June 28, 2012

Inuit Kayak T-shirt / Beach Bears T-shirts / Northern pike tee shirt / Gone Fishin' T-shirt / More T-Shirts

Kayaking T-Shirts brought to you by Northern World and Wildlife

Inuit Kayak T-shirt

Kayaks (Inuktitut: qajaq) were originally developed by indigenous Arctic people, who used the boats to hunt on inland lakes, rivers and coastal waters of the Arctic Ocean, North Atlantic, Bering Sea and North Pacific oceans.

Beach Bears T-shirts

Two Native Americans paddle their canoe across a lake, just offshore, on a foggy morning. A black bear sow is none too pleased and has sent her cub up a nearby birch tree for safety.


Fishing T-Shirt brought to you by Worlds Funny Shirts

Northern pike tee shirt

Northern pike fishing T-shirt. Add your own text.


Fishing T-Shirts brought to you by Designs by Shell

Gone Fishin' T-shirt

Cool blue fish with deep blue fins. A fun saying for the guy who loves to fish!

Gone Fishing Cool Penguin T-shirts

A cool penguin fishing in the ice. A fun saying 'Gone Fishing' the message can be changed if so desired.

Nice Catch! T-shirts

Nice Catch! Tshirts
Nice Catch! Tshirts by seashell2
Create custom made t-shirts online at

Here's a great t-shirt for a guy who loves to fish or just for a guy THAT IS a nice catch! :-)


BBQ T-Shirts brought to you by Stone Age Daydream

Stoneage "I love BBQ" T-shirts

3d Stoneage "I love BBQ" slogan. Caveman is cooking a nice juicy dinosaur steak on his barbecue

Caveman-steak t shirt

3d Caveman has a nice juicy dinosaur steak to take home for Mrs Caveman.


BBQ T-Shirts brought to you by Hit Render

Cute 3d Puppy Dog Chef with Fork(editable) T-shirts

Cute little 3d puppy dog is helping out in the kitchen of his owners restaurant (don't tell health and safety) and is dressed up in his chefs hat. He loves cooking meals and always cleans his plate! You can change the colour of the background or add some text if you wish and even change the size and placement of our little puppy friend. Have some fun!

3d Hot Dog Hotdog surprise! T-shirts

3d Hot Dog is hot and spicy!

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