Thursday, May 3, 2012

Summertime T-shirts / Welcome Summer Tees / No Mosquitoes Allowed summer camping T-shirts / Sunny day tank top / More ..

Summer T-Shirt brought to you by Sallylux Illustrations

Summertime T-shirts

summertime zazzle_shirt
summertime by sallylux
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splash! original illustration by Sallylux.

Welcome Summer Tees

Funny cartoon mosquito.

No Mosquitoes Allowed summer camping T-shirts

Funny no mosquitoes allowed summer camping. Original cartoon mosquito by Sallylux.

Summer T-Shirts brought to you by tashatzazzle

Sunny day tank top

Hand lettering text Sunny day with a sun drawn around a letter u. Lovely free doodle feel, perfect for careless and carefree summer sunshine days.

Summer T-Shirts brought to you by Designs by Nyxxie

Starfish Shirts

Starfish zazzle_shirt
Starfish by nyxxie
Put your favorite photo on tshirt designs online at Zazzle.

This features beautiful golden starfish laying across the shore. This design is perfect for any ocean or beach lovers. The stars have gorgeous raised rounds on the back on a brown sandy beach and crystal blue water.

Ice Cream Shirt

Yum, ice cream! The cards are completely customizable. Make sure you get the postage that goes along with it. :D

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