Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Funny Dad Not Equal ATM Shirt / Fathers Day Little Monkey Photo Shirt Template / Cute Cartoon Caveman My Dad Rocks for Father Tee / More ...

Father's Day T-Shirts brought to you by Alina's Pencil

Funny Dad Not Equal ATM Shirt

Does Dad sometimes feel like a money dispensing machine? This funny shirt says Dad (not equal sign) with a picture of an ATM bank machine. In other words, Dad is not an ATM. This is a funny Fathers Day gift that will have other fathers chuckling every time they see it. It also sends a clear message to his teenage children, too! You might need to get this for your pushover husband if he's a softie when the kids ask him for money. Makes a great birthday or Christmas gift for your husband or father. Don't like this style of shirt? This design can be put on any other style or color of shirt, including sweatshirt, tank top, hoodie, infant one-piece crawler, or jersey. Choose from the selection to the right when you view the product.

Fathers Day Little Monkey Photo Shirt Template

Want to give a personalized, custom gift to Dad for Father's Day? This customizable t shirt template has a space for you to add your own picture. It has a cartoon tree with an opening amongst the green leaves where you can put your funny photo. It reads, "Happy Father's Day from your little monkey" in a playful, green font. You can also add your own message by clicking on the "customize" button. The best Father's Day presents are personalized gifts for daddy that he will cherish. This is a fun and easy way to make a customized and unique gift for him.

Cute Cartoon Caveman My Dad Rocks for Father Tee

Show Dad how awesome he is with this cute design. It features a cartoon caveman holding a stone guitar. The sample words, "My Dad Rocks" can be changed to something else if you want. The template is set up for you to easily replace them with your own message. Click on the customize button to change the font color or style. Makes a funny gift for Father's Day, birthday, or to celebrate an accomplishment, or just to show Dad how proud you are of him. Or use it if Daddy is a rock guitar player, musician, or in a rock band.

My Dad Rocks Crossed Drumsticks for Drummer Tee

If your father is a drummer or likes drums or drumming, this is the perfect Father's Day gift idea. It says, "My Dad Rocks!" and has a pair of crossed drumsticks. The template is set up so you can change the message to read, "My father," "My Mom," or something else, to make a customized gift. Simply replace the sample words with your own. Click the customize button to change the font style or color. You can totally make this look the way you want it to. Contact me if you need help. This design is available on other products, including shirts, mugs, stickers, and ipad and iphone covers. You can even get a speaker to match! More gifts for fathers at Alina's Pencil.


Father's Day T-Shirts brought to you by Dinosaur Store

Dinosaur Dad T-Shirt

Fabulous Funny Father's Day T-Shirt for your Dinosaur Dad! A great Father's day gift. Add your own slogan or message for a unique father's day gift! For more amazing dinosaur gifts, please visit Paul Stickland's DinosaurStore for a huge range of other dinosaur posters and monster range of dino gifts from T-shirts to mugs, cards to stickers, dinosaur party invitations and kids and baby clothes. Perfect prehistoric presents, cute and friendly or roary and scary.

Dinosaur Dad T-Shirt

Funny father's day gift for your Dinosaur Dad!

Prehistoric Pop T-Shirt

Fabulous Father's Day T-Shirt for your Dinosaur Dad!

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