Friday, April 20, 2012

Tropical Cocktail Tee Shirts / Surfers, Waves & Palm Trees Abstract T-shirt / Walrus Vacations t shirt / Surfer Camel Tee Shirt / Tan-o-saurus Rex T-shirt / More...

Summer is in the air celebrate with these awesome Summer T-shirts.

Summer T-Shirts(s) brought to you by Groovy Graphics

Tropical Cocktail Tee Shirts

Pretty white custom spaghetti top with a bright and colorful tropical cocktail realistic vector illustration with sunglasses, beads, pineapple and a drink with umbrella & straw - - A stylish, trendy, summer beach tee for women. Choose the style, color and size of your apparel item. The text and font are customizable - lots of colors and fonts to choose from.

Surfers, Waves & Palm Trees Abstract T-shirt

White T-shirt with a bright and colorful silhouette surfer, waves and palm trees abstract retro vector illustration -,, - A cool & trendy summer beach tee. You can personalize it with some text if you like - lots of fonts and colors to choose from. Available in adults, children's and infants styles - just choose your style, color and size.


Summer T-Shirts(s) brought to you by Greendeer

Walrus Vacations t shirt

Just relax. Classic shirt with A Design that proves styles, coolness and good teeth!

Surfer Camel Tee Shirt

surfer camel zazzle_shirt
surfer camel by greendeer
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A cool summer shirt with a cool drawing of a cool camel carrying a cool surfboard. available in lots of cool shapes and colours

Tan-o-saurus Rex T-shirt

Sunbathing has been around much longer than you might think. This funny cartoon drawing shows the horrible T-Rex taking a break from horribility and getting a million years tan. This design looks great on shirts of many colours and in lots of styles, including Kid’s wear and more. Try it!

Hide and Seek T Shirt

What is hiding behind that palm tree? You must look very closely to see the giant cartoon dinosaur playing hide-and-seek.

Mexican Ice Cream Loving Armadillo T-shirt

This cute green cartoon armadillo wears a huge sombrero hat – and it loves ice cream! Available in many styles, on lots of colours.

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