Friday, April 13, 2012

T-shirt - Sunflower circle / T-shirt - Flowering plumb / T-shirt - neon flowers (dark only) / Super Hero Mom T-shirt

Mother's Day T-Shirts(s) brought to you by B K Muir graphic products

T-shirt - Sunflower circle

A circle of blue sky, is outlined in green and encloses the flower of a brilliant yellow sunflower. Beneath is a green box which you Personalize with your name (or group name?).

T-shirt - Flowering plumb

Image of single pink blossom with red-black leaves.

T-shirt - neon flowers (dark only)

Digital 3D look flowers in orange, yellow and green with sprouts of green grass.

Mother's Day T-Shirts(s) brought to you by Kakigori Studio Gift Store

Super Hero Mom T-shirt

Happy Mother's day! There is nothing more powerful than the love of a mother. A young mother who can raise her children to the top. Celebrate Mother's day Holiday with this cute and original design by Kakigori Studio.

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