Friday, April 6, 2012

Mothers Make Everything Better Baby Doll T-shirt / Ask Your Father Tee Shirt / Don't Make Me Come Back There! (Mom) Tee Shirts / Chill Pill Shirts / Money isn't everything t-shirts

Mother's Day T-Shirts(s) brought to you by Valeries Gallery

Mothers Make Everything Better Baby Doll T-shirt

Waddles the Penguin sits on his lap, while his mom comforts him and makes his boo boo all better! The black text reads, "Mothers make everything better!"

T-Shirts for Your Mom brought to you by The Blonde Bombshelter

Ask Your Father Tee Shirt

Go ask your father! One of Mom's favorite sayings, except with a twist. Dad doesn't look like such a savory option, with this retro, whiskey drinking character.

Don't Make Me Come Back There! (Mom) Tee Shirts

Don't make me come back there! This classic line isn't strictly Dad's, I know I heard it from Mom a time or two. This mother and teary eyed son riding in the family car, is something almost anyone can relate to. Mom's certain to appreciate the humor (and recognition) in this retro design, especially as a Mother's Day gift!

Chill Pill Shirts

Valium. Bridging the gap between dreams and reality. Did you have grand plans for your life when you were young and naive? Didn't we all! A little tongue and cheek humor for those stay at home moms who might need more than a drink now and then to get through the day.

Money isn't everything t-shirts

Money isn't everything, but it sure keeps you in touch with your children! Whether it's allowance, college money or laundry service, money can keep the kids close!

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