Friday, October 7, 2011

Vampire Skulls & Gothic from Funny T-Shirt

This month, I'm going to be featuring some really awesome t-shirts from Funny_Tshirt Shop

Click on any of the images below to see the shirt in the Funny_T-shirt store. 

From Funny T-Shirt Vampire Skulls & Gothic Section

Funny Gothic T-shirt

funny gothic tshirt for all those who wear nothing but black this is the perfect gift. Make them smile with this black on black tee that reads I'll stop wearing black the day they make a darker colour (english version) USA version available.

Golden Dragon T-shirt

golden dragon tshirt is fierce! Perfect gift for Chinese Year of The Dragon or for fantasy lovers of any kind. From tattooed bikers to video gamers everyone will love this neon bright dragon tshirt.

Skull Screaming Hooded Sweatshirt

Everyone loves a skull tshirt make sure yours stands out from the crowd so much its almost 3D ! Add your own text to the front or back easily by clicking the 'customize it' button if required.

Zombie Love T-Shirt

zombie love tshirt with a brain where the heart should be! If you heart zombies then you will love this zombie brains tshirt.

Bitten & Smitten T-Shirt

Every true , blood loving vampire and fanpire would love this Bitten and Smitten tshirt.

Running With Wolves Hoodie

Running With Wolves shirt
Running With Wolves by funny_tshirt
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Wolf Hoodie | Once you go pack you never go back so show you run with wolves with this wolf hoodie tshirt.

Office Zombie T-Shirt

zombie worker | Are you a zombie or vampire lover or just feel like this until you've had your 4th coffee! fantastic image is perfect for you and is bound to cause a stir.

you want vampire? customizable T-Shirt

Does your wife or girlfriend long for a vampire of her own? Does she sigh and stay glued to every vampire tv program or goth movie? Then here is a way to win back her attention! Simply find a photo your face to fit our sexy dark vampire and upload to this tshirt for a unique fun and striking attention grabbing image. No wife or girlfriend? Wear this and you soon will have them dropping at your feet with this glamorizing tshirt. Dont say you weren't warned! Have fun!


Vampires are hungry all the time as every fanpire knows. Vampire tshirt by funny_tshirt

For More Vampire Skulls & Gothic T-Shirts from Funny T-Shirt Just go to Funny_T-shirt to see the great collection of T-Shirts and other products available. 

Want to know more about the artist behind these great designs? Visit Zazzle Shopkeeper of the Day Blog Interview with Karen of Funny T-Shirts

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I love these Gothic T-Shirts, Thank you for sharing.
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