Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Osama Bin Laden Dead Souvenir T-shirts

Osama Bin Laden Dead Souvenir T-shirts

Tora Bora Hide N Seek Championship Cancelled Tshirt

Due to death of Osama bin Laden The 2011 Tora Bora Hide and Seek Championship has been cancelled because Obama got Osama before the championship could be held. A humorous take on the killing of the terrorist Osama bin Laden by the American Special Forces and the CIA as part of their War on Terror in Pakistan. Created By giftsbonanza

I Got Osama! (You're Welcome) T Shirts

"I Got Osama!" The troops are certainly more than happy to accept your thanks for this achievement. Try not to use it as a campaign booster or anything, all right? :) Let's try to remember who did the heavy lifting here, after all. Created By Poe_Osbourne

Osama vs Obama Final Showdown Tshirt

Its time for the ultimate historical showdown. Created By UneedaGraphix

Osama Bin Laden Crime Scene Chalk Outline T Shirts

A chalk outline possibility at the Osama Bin Laden killing. Created By UneedaGraphix:

Osama Address Change Shirt

Pakistan to Hell! Official Change of Address for Osama bin Laden, courtesy of U.S. Military, 05-01-2011. From Pakistan to Hell! Wear it proudly! Created By Westerngirl2

Obama 1 Osama 0 - Score T-shirt

Stylized text t-shirt design with "Obama" and the number 1 decorated with the American flag and Osama decorated in red and splatters with a crosshair 0. Score one - nil to the USA over terrorism. Created By made_in_the_USA


Worlds Most Wanted Man Obe for the Navy Seals Created By ALMOUNT

Rest in Hell Osama Blood Font Tee Shirts

I hope terrorism dies with you - rest in Hell Osama!!! Created By hesdead

Obama got Osama Shirt

Graphic drawing of Osama Bin Laden. Created By Evart_production

Osama Target Bang T Shirt

Current events: US armed forces killed Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan on May 1st, 2011. Created By LinceAzul

Osama Bin Laden Dead Duck tshirt

Created By funny_tshirt

osama obama funny tshirt

Osama Obama funny tshirt shows the adapted logo of Obama with Osama caught in the cross hairs and the text 'bin there done that bought this tshirt' in memory of 9/11 victims. Created By funny_tshirt

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