Saturday, April 30, 2011

Senior Taco Sweatshirt / Summer skull neon blue tshirt / Concert Frequency Tshirt / Squiddy Squidoo T-shirt / Madame Butterfly T-Shirt / Garden Grow Shirt Tee Shirt / Punk Rock Skull Tshirt

These t-shirts won a Today's Best Award from Zazzle on April 28, 2011

Senior Taco Sweatshirt

Celebrate your love for Mexican food with this awesome Senior Taco shirt! Created By MDStudio

Summer skull neon blue tshirt

Summer skull neon blue tshirt. The classic skull tshirt gets a summer makeover with a neon blue retro grunge background with butterfly and a grey skull wearing bright blue sunglasses. Cool vector is a fashionable tee is perfect gift for summer sunshine. Created By funny_tshirt

Concert Frequency Tshirt

Created By bigred30134

Squiddy Squidoo T-shirt

Squiddy Squidoo is inspired by the Squidoo logo. I stamped it with my signature style by adding the hair and huge eyes. The color palette is based on the standard colors of Squidoo – orange and blue. She raises a glass to Squidoo. This is my way of saying, “Thank you, Squidoo, for giving me a chance to earn a living while staying at home to take care of my baby.” Created By mimamoira

Madame Butterfly T-Shirt 

Created By malien00

Garden Grow Shirt Tee Shirt

Created By PolarBaby57

Punk Rock Skull Tshirt

Cute boy punk rock skull designed in purple with guitar, Mohawk and stars. 

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Megan said...

Wow what an awesome blog!! Thanks so much for including my Senior Taco sweatshirt in with this fun bunch of shirts!! :)